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Potty Training
Nordia Candelaria
Potty Training

Tips on Potty Training

I am a mother of three wonderful kids and I have had great success potty training my kids before they turned 3. In this blog, I will list some helpful tips on what worked for me. Please feel free to use these tips but keep in mind that every child is different and what works for one child may not work for the other.

Tip# 1. Start getting your little one used to the potty from an early age. I bought a children’s potty that was appealing to their eyes, one that had sound effects and colorful. The one I bought had a handle to flush and imitates the sound of flushing water, it made the experience feel real to them. It also says “great job” after they flush. My child found this fascinating to the point where she would laugh out loud and clap her self.

Tip# 2. Let them see you use the toilet, if you are comfortable with this idea. Kids love to do what their parents do, so if they see you using the potty, then will want to try it too. Dads can show their boys how to stand and pee.

Tip# 3. Buy a potty book. While my child sat on the potty, I read the book “Once Upon A Potty” to her. This book is amazing! I’ve used it for all three of my kids. They got intrigued listening to the story of Prudence (the toddler in the story) and her new potty and I got them involved while reading by asking them questions. For example, I would show them the pictures in the book so they can follow along and ask questions about what they are seeing. This engages your little one in reading activity while giving them time to pee or poop.

Tip# 4. Choose a particular week to devote to your child’s potting training needs. For those parents who do not work from home, you could consider taking a week off from work or use consecutive weekends to potty train. With one of my children I took a week off from work and we mainly stayed home as it is hard to potty train your child when you are on the road. So during that week my child would only wear regular underwear during the day time and I would take her to the sit on the potty every 30 minutes or so. Praise them when they go potty and do not reprimand them if they have an accident. Just let them know its ok but should let you know next time.

Tip# 5. Reward your little one whenever they go in the potty. Some parents may be against this but I used gummy bears because my kids love it and for some reason it worked like a charm. We tend to stick to the organic ones as it is better for your child than the regular ones. Sometimes giving them a high five or shower them with hugs and kisses is enough to encourage them to keep using the potty.

Tip# 6. Once they have mastered day time potty training, we let them wear pull-ups at night for about a week or two and then we switched to regular underwear. We did not offer juice, water or milk before bed time and we let them pee just before going to bed. For precautionary measures, place a padding under their bedsheet in case they have an accident.

So this is how I potty trained all of my kids. We are currently working with my two year old and she is doing great! It is important to know that once you switch your child to regular underwear, do not go back and fourth with diapers and underwear as this encourages the child to go in the diaper and they will eventually start going in the underwear as well. Once we switched to underwear we did not go back to diapers. They did have some accidents when we were not home, but it’s ok, we kept working with them, constantly taking them to the rest room especially before we hit the road. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on potty training so feel free to leave a comment and let us know what worked for you and your child.

Nordia Candelaria